Five Important Things To Know About Dental Website Templates

Five Important Things To Know About Dental Website Templates

April, 20, 2011 • Posted by Editor 17 Comments

Dental website offers a perfect solution to save time and money when designing a website for your dental practice. However, there are things you need to consider when purchasing dental web template.

Things to consider when purchasing dental website templates

1) Basic knowledge of HTML and image editing

A dental website template provides a platform on where to start designing your dental website. Dental website templates have ready to use features. The templates contain website colors, layout and HTML code. It is important to have basic programming skills in order to customize the templates to suit your needs. These will help you edit your own content and scale your own logo on the web template.  You should consider professional aid If you want to use website templates that uses flash animation. Customizing on flash templates can be difficult task for many dentists.

2) You need a host for your template

You need a domain name and a host in order for your new dental website to be accessible on the internet. A web host is computer software that stores your website content and makes it visible to your site users. Many web-hosting companies can help you host your website.  Google provides a list of web hosting companies that can assist you.

3) Web templates are unique

Unlike outfits, web templates are not the same. Dental website templates do not have the same appearance. (Not unique) The chances of dentists within your area to have web design similar to yours are very low. However, you should consider checking out your competitor’s site before buying your web template. Do not buy website templates that are readily available for purchase on many website templates on the internet. If the website templates are widely spread, there are higher chances finding them with dentists around you. This can avoid having templates similar to your competitors.

4) Templates do not have equal creations

You need to consider the appearance of the website template and the code behind the template. Look for details in template’s description in order to see the template code. This is a very important thing to consider before purchasing website templates. It is also important to use less complicated website templates page layouts if you have limited HTML programming skills. Complicated website templates page layout can be difficult to customize especially if you have less HTML knowledge.

5) You do not necessarily have to do the set up your self

Setting up a good website can be a difficult task for many people. Customizing your web template in order to have a template that meets your requirements can be a long and hard process. However, there are established professionals who can help you through. Many websites that sell dental web templates provides customization services and web hosting packages that can be of great help. In order to get the best dental website template, write down the name and the number of the template you are looking for. Look for a link on the pages that indicates template customization and you will easily find website templates ready for use.

Dental website templates provide a cost effective way of designing web templates that meet your requirements.


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17 Responses


Having the right legal website design or a virtual law office can help lawyers stuck in the slow economy get out.


To address exactly the same problem – Server side technologies came into play. (But they also address a lot more issues than that..)

Solution 1.
But for your problem, if you know a little bit of PHP, its a one line game (OR if you know your server uses PHP, just close your eyes and blindly include the following line on every html page you create)

<?php include("path_to_your_menu_HTML_file_name"); ?>

(of course, replace path_to_you_menu_HTML_file_name with the one appropriate for your context!)

Now with that line, you can put your menu in one file (the one you are referring to in the above code), and then include the rest of the matter in all your other files.

A little caveat though – you will have to name all your files as ending with .php (not .htm or .html).

So, if you know your server is running PHP and you have renamed all your files on the website from .htm (or .html) to .php and included the above code. You are all set to go.

The advantage fo this solution is that it doesn't depend on the client side browser, so you are sure that your client receives HTML only.

Solution 2. (Easiest One)
Use iframes…
Use this code:
<iframe src="included.html" width="450" height="400">

Adjust the src, width and height according to your need.

The advantage for you is that it keeps you in the domain of HTML. (no renaming of files!)

The thing with inline frames (the code above – iframe) is that it breaks on very old browsers (maybe a non-issue today) and search engines do not cache it.

Here is an excellent resource on iframes:


Unfortunately this question is misclassified… special education is for people with learning differ-abilities or special needs. You might want to re-post this in the correct category of education. Good luck!


Lot of questions in one sentence!
- A "template" is a pre-designed website to which you have "just" to change the contents. Reserved to amateurs who do not have any graphic skills.
- "Web Development" is "making the design to work", that is CODING.
- "Site Design" or "Web Design": is an artist work to prepare a page/website, the way it will "look"… but does not work! You need the developer (above) to make it work.
- CMS: Content Management System. A kind of Integrated Development Environment that allows unskilled people to chancge the contents of their site themselves. Unfortunately, all CMS are written in complex languages such as Php, ASP, and require that knowledge to be used properly – which means that if you have the skills, you don't need them!!!
These CMS are often offered to "clients" as a website feature (so the client can update his website without the need of the coder. The problem? They are way TOO complex for the clients and are (nearly) never used by the client (or used the first month and then forgotten)
A waste of time, really!
A proper CMS is developped by professionals to fullfill the requirements of the client… and nothing else!
- e-commerce: many scripts available, but ALL too complex: they contain too many features that you do not need. Some of them are 20Meg in size, and the user only makes calls to a few functions. A HUGE overhead for nothing.
A proper e-commerce can be written in a few Kb of code by any professional (and that will be EXACTLY what the client needs).


Yeah, I’m always happy when my normal places aren’t mentioned on uwishunu. Also, I mailed them about their horrible layout over a year ago, and got the brush off. Just found the email “Guys, seriously: Your site needs some help. The web design is so heavy, it drags my browser to a crawl. I can’t imagine what someone with a less powerful machine would be experiencing. “


I think one of the best ways to build a website is to use wordpress. It is a free blogging software, with thousands of free templates available. It can be easily customized to be a CMS (content management system) for almost any kind of website you can imagine. It is also easy to find inexpensive developers to do customization and it is well supported.


Here some important facts to remember about web design:

You also have to tackle the Design Web "Businesses" that
Generate Traffic, Leads and Make More Sales

1. content – "how" you tell your story
2. competitive and marketplace research
3. strategic internet marketing plans
4. search engine optimization for high rankings
powerful web site copywriting


script is a bunch of code, web template is a bunch of code that already designed for you by someone,

can we use script as a web page? no,, it's better, it can build webpages that connected to server and serve clients with what ever clients need. and gives back to server and throws back to client and shows the result for you.

that sound better right?


Yes, it is. The objective is clearly understood and verb use correct, perfect conversational English.


That code looks easy. oooh i'll add it to my experiment's thanks


The quiz templates were removed from CS4 for legal reasons (I don't know the
specifics beyond that). For the solution look here in my link below.Hope i was able to help a fellow programmer.


Photoshop is really ment for professionals who are willing to put the time and effort. The pictures you showed are 5 minute hack jobs. They simply took a photograph and used brushes. Litterly can be done in 5 minutes. There are no "Templates" in photoshop for designs. Only for Websites and Buissness Cards.

if you want to take the effort see actual digital artists. <– some of the worlds best digital photoshop artists.

The Brushes can easily be gotten from Bursheezy


Programming isn't easy for an artist, it's virtually impossible. (Art is almost impossible for a programmer, so we're about even.)

Art requires a dominant right brain, programming requires a dominant left brain. The last person I can think of who had 2 dominant cerebral hemispheres is known for a little portrait he did – La Gianconda.

To make a website from a graphic, you use CSS to put the pieces where you want them, so start studying CSS, not Dreamweaver. A dynamic simple website? That's as easy as painting a portrait. Teach someone with no artistic ability to do that and I'll teach someone with no programming ability to write websites. Or team up with a good web developer, design the sites and let him develop them.

That's why there's both a horse and a jockey – neither one could win the race alone.


That is actually something like a html table graphic.
Images inside a table.
The top would be a row with a column span and image inserted.
the others just cells with images and cell padding.

You can do it that way.


name it as virtual learning or E learning


"What would be the cost to improve an existing web template?"


Go to the first place that the broken reference is cited and update whatever is between the <ref> tags.

The reflist is built dynamically based on <ref> tags in the article text – that way, if someone adds new references, then all citation links in the article and the reference list itself can be automatically updated.

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