Which One You Should Prefer Between A Website Builder Software And Web Template?

Which One You Should Prefer Between A Website Builder Software And Web Template?

April, 25, 2011 • Posted by Editor 29 Comments

There are more websites selling Building and maintenance of websites can be very costly if you have inadequate skills. Depending on outside programmers can result into frustrations even on slight updates or modifications. If you cannot pay for a web designer, you can use web templates or website builder software. Both are cost effective and offer a chance to make website updates without external help.

Tips on the use of website builder software

Currently there are diverse types of website builder software. You may not know the method for use but are aware of such products as FlashDream weaver etc. It is important to obtain some knowledge and skill on the use of the builder software. It assists to have an easy time while using for small business owners. The software is available at only a few dollars. After buying you have discover the layout design and coding on your own.

Benefits of website builder software

  • Not everyone can be an expert in web designing. Professionals with adequate skills on HTML can create the entire site by the use of Windows Note Pad. However, you ought to do various things beside web designing and HTML coding. Hence, there is need for a website builder.
  • The cost is normally approximately $100 thus most website masters can afford one.
  • Website builder software saves a lot of time since you only have to make a few changes during web page creation. You should be careful to purchase software rather than a service while choosing a website builder.

Most online website builder corporations insist on signing up and building of website by logging into their services online. In most cases, they restrict you to host your website with any other organizations. You must submit subscription fee for your website. Once you create a website, you cannot upload it to another host or server that belongs to your client. If you cancel your subscription, it results to losing your whole website with everything in it.

Use of web templates

Web templates are available in larger numbers when you compare to website builder software. All types of templates are available. The prices vary depending on the quality of the template. It ranges $5 to $200.

Customization of a web template

  • Adding own content and texts in a web template seems to be very simple. However, full customization of a template may not be that easy. You still have to apply the use of commercialsoftware to do the customization. You can use an Adobe flash or Adobe Photo.
  • You need a little basic knowledge on HTML to make modifications on the template.
  • There is need to be ready with optimization costs of the template. Also make an approximation cost needed in updating the website.


Ensure to have your website content prior to making payments for your website builder software. Make proper planning of your website to determine whether to choose a website builder or template. Either of the two provides simplicity in creation of a webpage creation.


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29 Responses




Free fixed CSS templates:



Of course! There are many places to get textbooks for free. That's why students never have to budget several hundred dollars per semester for books alone.

Enough sarcasm. Don't be a bum, just buy the book. It's part of learning. Lon Barfield has the knowledge and put the time and effort into writing the book, and you need that knowledge, so you have to buy it from him by paying for it.


Star Web Maker a established player in the IT market, is a leading provider of comprehensive web products, solutions and internet services, which is located in Madurai, India. i.e Web Design, web script and application, Web Programming, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) and submission and internet marketing, ready made web site packages, Internet Advertising, search engine and web directory solutions, portal development, Readymade website templates, Software Development, link exchange services, Data Entry, Data Conversion and customer online support solutions.


In my opinion, I think they are complete CON-ARTISTS!!! Get away, you can do better! :)


There are many uses, one of them is when you want to do instant search. There is no point in having the browser go to your server so you can act as a proxy for a query.Also, you could add search functionality without having to touch your backend logic (only your web templates). This may seem minor if you are in control of the whole web app, but it matters for larger organizations where it’s easier to change a template than to deploy code.


Site Rubix is for anyone that builds, needs to build, or would like to build a website. If you are an Internet marketer, you will be able to whip together professional web pages in no time. If you own a business, now you can easily create a site and have a place where you can manage your media and regularly update your web pages. If you want to make money building sites or simply want to be able to build sites in a timely manner, Site Rubix can help you out. Basically, anyone that wants to create a website for their own purposes, to sell, or for clients, Site Rubix is your answer.

If you think it will answer your question, try http://siterubix.incomestarters.com


there are downloadable website builders which are pretty easy to find by typing into the yahoo search engine but also with webs.com you can move alot of the stuff around with CSS. You can change the sizes and colours of everything, change the navigation bar to go across the top or down the side and move the side bar from one side to the other, there is also other stuff.

Some of the CSS codes for webs.com are at and there is more on the way soon.


hey Webs.com allows you to make websites via ur own html . just go to signup there you will find a option HTML- mode only . There you can use html .


Hi Homer.

Knowing HTML and Web Design are two different things altogether.

Think about this, if you know how to mix and pour concrete, does that make you an architect and constructor? Of course not.

Web Design as a field and a process should be considered from the initial stages that consider strategy:

-why are we building this site?
-who is the site for?
-what are the needs of these people?
-how will we fulfill these needs?

This design process, along with the organization of the contents (information, text) and functionalities (tools) that will make part of your project, is called Information Architecture.

The product of Information Architecture are site blueprints, called wireframes, which tell the producers what each page will contain, how these are laid out, and how they will be connected (navigation).

Then you take this design, top it off with Visual Design, and only after all this you are ready to start producing the HTML.

As you can see, HTML is for BUILDING, not for DESINGING web pages and websites.

You say how front page makes better looking pages than the ones you make. Have you ever researched about Visual Design? It's a whole field that has decades of history behind, just because you can build a page does not make you a designer.

I would recommend you to research a bit about Visual Design to get the basic skills on how to make appealing designs. You need to learn some Information Architecture and Usability in order to learn how to lay out your site and pages.

And before building, learn some of the fundamental principles of HTML and CSS in order to write proper, valid code. Which makes a world of difference.

Use some of these kewyords on Yahoo! Search to find some online resources and book recommendations:
Visual Design
Information Architecture

Some useful sites are

good luck!


The New York School of Interior Design is considered to be one of the best interior design schools in New York, if not the US. The program and quality of education in this school is similar to some of the best, but the NYSID teaches its students to importance of building client relationships at such an early age, which is essential in providing students an idea on how to conduct their business. Also, the students will be taught and trained by some of the best and most highly-regarded designers in the world, which guarantees that students will most likely pick up more than a thing or two from them. Lastly, the NYSID dedicates its program on the sustainable movement in which it teaches students on how to build green and eco-friendly interior design.


You can link to all the above. <center>Web Design</center> is the correct way.
Your list should read


1. What is Technetium?


2. What is its half-life?

Which isotopes? The Wikipedia article has a table for seven "Notable isotopes".

3. What properties make it usable for a variety of medical imaging?

The Wikipedia article has a "Nuclear medicine" section.

4. Name other radionuclides used medically and their corresponding half lives.

The Technetium Wikipedia article links to the Radiopharmaceuticals Wikipedia article at

Many other examples are listed there, although I didn't see their half-lifes. You can select some and then look them up in Wikipedia or Google for that.

5. As these decay…do they cause human discomfort or pain?


The Web Resource: Nuclear Medicine Supplier

1. Read this…casually…the following article is more in depth.

[more questions after you read that article]


If you're planning to create a website design for a business and you kinda need it immediately, then you would do well to have the professionals create one for you. But if you just want to study as a hobby or you want to design your own in the future, html would be a good start.


Aluminum alloy


Yes, dreamweaver, do you know html code, if you dont then learn it cause that is how you write websites.


Looks like a Div conflict. Footer is in the same Div as your Flash. Separating them should help.
Try this:
<!– Footer was here –>
</div><!– End of Div id="content" –>
<!– Moved Footer out of the Div: id="content" –>
<div id="footer">
© 2010 Tbalonick.</p>


1) Most likely your web host has you on a server with WAMP already installed. The HTML editors you have will be enough to publish your website. However, Frontpage is one you should avoid using since Microsoft no longer develops it or supports it and most web host companies are phasing it out. Nvu is also discontinued so you may want to steer clear of using that one as well. Kompozer is a recent development from Nvu and should work for what you need although Dreamweaver is about the best one out there. I'll provide you with a url for a tutorial on defining a site in Dreamweaver MX, your first step.

2) You don't change the localhost. localhost is a reserved name meaning 'my computer'. Posting a second url for you below to help you understand more about localhost.


Google "Free flash templates"


Congrats on buying your domain name! You have taken the first step in conquering the internet. The best thing to do is purchase a program such as Microsoft Expression Web or some other sort of web authoring program. I also recommend you join any number of the website forums out there that deal with creating websites and programming and design. One that I recommend is as well as

Good luck!


I am a web designer and yes i do sometimes use a templates to a degree, I have a large selection and they choose a style and i build it, there is a large amount of customising needed to make it "not look like a template" though and there is alot of work to do with SEO to get it findable online as well, you cant just use a template and leave it at that, the last thing you want is someone finding a near exact copyof their site with someone else's site.


The internet is not very censored at all.
schools censor it, but they also censor library books


script is a bunch of code, web template is a bunch of code that already designed for you by someone,

can we use script as a web page? no,, it's better, it can build webpages that connected to server and serve clients with what ever clients need. and gives back to server and throws back to client and shows the result for you.

that sound better right?


IT Skills is = IT-Kenntnisse. And Web Design is = Netz Design.


This is from DreamweaverMX but shouls be relatively same technique.

To export a site:
Choose Site > Edit sites.
The Edit Sites dialog box appears.

Click the Export button.
The Export Site panel appears.

Browse to a location to save the site.
Click Save.
Dreamweaver saves the site as an XML file, with an STE file extension, in the specified location.

Click Done to close the Edit Sites dialog box.


Lot of questions in one sentence!
- A "template" is a pre-designed website to which you have "just" to change the contents. Reserved to amateurs who do not have any graphic skills.
- "Web Development" is "making the design to work", that is CODING.
- "Site Design" or "Web Design": is an artist work to prepare a page/website, the way it will "look"… but does not work! You need the developer (above) to make it work.
- CMS: Content Management System. A kind of Integrated Development Environment that allows unskilled people to chancge the contents of their site themselves. Unfortunately, all CMS are written in complex languages such as Php, ASP, and require that knowledge to be used properly – which means that if you have the skills, you don't need them!!!
These CMS are often offered to "clients" as a website feature (so the client can update his website without the need of the coder. The problem? They are way TOO complex for the clients and are (nearly) never used by the client (or used the first month and then forgotten)
A waste of time, really!
A proper CMS is developped by professionals to fullfill the requirements of the client… and nothing else!
- e-commerce: many scripts available, but ALL too complex: they contain too many features that you do not need. Some of them are 20Meg in size, and the user only makes calls to a few functions. A HUGE overhead for nothing.
A proper e-commerce can be written in a few Kb of code by any professional (and that will be EXACTLY what the client needs).


a while back i was in the same position as you and now i own my own website which i made from scratch…
i have always and will always recommend Tizag
this is where i learnt EVERYTHING i know to do with HTML, CSS & PHP.
Good luck!


Pros : Easy and fast. You don't need to know any knowledge about web language (well, sometimes you'll need to know it though).

Cons : Sometimes it cost too much. The designer will put (generally) its logo in the end of the design or on the web code. If you want to change something such the colors or the text, you just can't because they are fixed, if you change them, you'll screw the whole template.


It is the value of the _VIEWSTATE, which is used to store information about the current page, it's postBack, and so on and so forth. Also, you could assign that combination of letters and numbers to a value…For example,

ViewState.set(String variable, Object value);

ViewState.set("VariableFoo", "Hello World");

And then, you could retrieve this value by the following,


Now, what this would return is Hello World…This is good for storing the state of the application or website the user is currently on. Why? Because it's only a fraction of a second when the web application or website is alive on the memory of the computer, therefore, you can use the ViewState, to store some information about the applications current state.
It's not something you want to use too much. I mean, you don't want to make that your way of transfering data through pages, ASP.NET 2.0 and 3.5 has release a new feature of asp.net, the Profile, which allows you to create a variable on the page, store anyhing from strings to collections in it, and then retrieve it when needed.

Hope this helps!

Abdurrahman Qadan

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